Calendars Custom-Made for ADHD Families

ADDitude readers review three calendars custom-built for busy ADHD moms and children.

Organization help for ADHD moms: Calendars reviewed by readers

FlyLady’s I’m FLYing Calendar
Reviewer: Natalia, mom of Devon (14), Dylan (12), and Owen (3)

This basic, no-frills calendar, from the Queen of Clean, delivers what really matters: generous space for each family member to list his or her daily activities.

Adults might find some of the 500 stickers that come with the calendar dispensable, but children — my children, at least — enjoy using the colorful reminders, even if they have to write down the time, place, and details of the event or activity.

The calendar’s back cover is a heavy-duty sleeve where you can store pens, rulers, your cell phone, or other items that frequently get lost.

Bonus: special stickers for adults keep you on track with FlyLady’s week-by-week cleaning and organizing system.

Mom’s Family Calendar
Reviewer: Ashlie, mom of Sydnie (6), Jayden (5), and Sophie (2)

This calendar — illustrated with goofy pigs, hippos, and other animals lovingly sketched by Sandra Boynton — is smartly designed. The days of the month run vertically down the left side of the calendar and five columns — for up to five family members — run across the top, one for each family member.

I found that there wasn’t enough space to list more than two activities per person per day. My older girls, however, love having their own spots on the calendar. It cuts down on the “what are we doing today” questions. The calendar includes a drop-down storage pocket, 500 stickers, and a write-on, wipe-off magnetic phone list for the fridge.

BusyBodyBook Calendar
Reviewer: Terry, mom of Jesse (13), Luke (11), Lily (6), and Ella (3)

The BusyBodyBook Calendar provides each child with his own column and is perfect for our family. The side-by-side view makes it easy to organize schedules, chores, and upcoming events — and to spot conflicts. (We labeled the last, unused column ‘Dinner,’ which the kids use to plan meals and chart who is cooking them.)

Each calendar page is arranged in a weekly format, which makes it a snap to coordinate activities. The grid-like boxes and uncluttered design provide more than enough space to fill in everyone’s schedule.

This article comes from the Fall 2009 issue of ADDitude.

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