Don't Just Talk, Communicate

Good communication is the key to strong relationships. This is true for adults with and without attention deficit. The problem is, adults with ADHD often think that they’re communicating when really they’re just talking. How to get your feelings across effectively with friends and partners.

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Becoming Confrontational

Problem: Blaming your partner.
ADDers tend to defend themselves against real or imagined criticisms rather than responding to a complaint. We’re so busy defending ourselves that we can’t hear someone else’s point.

If you hear yourself saying, “It wasn’t my fault” or “You do it, too,” more than once, take a break. Go to the bathroom and splash cold water on your face, or take a walk around the block to calm down and reset your attitude.

Problem: Sounding antagonistic.
Some ADHD women with high stimulation needs consciously -- or unconsciously -- stir up trouble when boredom strikes. Drama becomes a way of life, shutting down real communication and conflict resolution.

If you are a drama queen, talk to your doctor about tweaking your treatment plan, or ask your therapist about the reasons for your antagonistic posturing.

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