25 Smart Snacks for Growing ADHD Brains

ADHD medications sometimes curb kids' appetites so they don't eat all day, then arrive home from school starving. To fuel homework and afterschool activities, try these snacks with all the right amounts of protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates.

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Snack Suggestions from ADDitude Readers

"Soft pretzels and lemonade, and all types of melons and berries."
-Marie Brady, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

"I make healthy pizza: Boboli pizza crust (thin), Hunts Garlic, Oregano, and Basil sauce soy or cow’s-milk mozzarella. Assemble and bake at 350 degrees for eight minutes."
-Jean Mattock, Allen, Texas

"Trail mix, with fruits and nuts, but no chocolate bits. The dried fruits give it a sweet taste."
-Erin Schinzel, Greeley, Colorado

"Spread peanut butter on half of a slice of turkey bologna. Fold the slice in half. My daughter calls it a 'bologna taco'!"
-Lisa Thompson, Robbinsdale, Minnesota

"We have great luck with PowerBars. They are high in protein and taste good."
-Karyn Schaffner, Macomb, Michigan

"Cut out a sandwich with a cookie cutter. Large hearts are great for girls, animal and truck shapes for boys."
-Neva Vogt, Shawano, Wisconsin

"Yoplait Original Yogurt -- strawberry and French vanilla don’t have artificial colors."
-Nancy Richwine, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

"Yogurt in a tube and string cheese, while expensive, can be eaten out of the package without utensils."
-Lori Fuller, British Columbia, Canada

"ZonePerfect Bars -- they’re high in protein and can be eaten on the run."
-Susan Brown, Centerbrook, Connecticut

"My ADHD boys are sensitive to the taste of older bread. Fresh bread makes sandwiches more appealing -- and they’ll usually eat them."
-Helen Goble, Carmichael, California

"My 11-year-old son loves crunchy dill pickles wrapped in a slice of turkey or ham."
-Elizabeth Conti, Ontario, Canada

"Fluffernutters -- they don’t make my son hyperactive and they fatten him up a little."
-Rebecca, Fredericksburg, Virginia

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