ADHD Back-to-School Prep: 10 Talks to Have for a Great School Year

Set the tone for a successful school year for your ADHD student by having conversations with your child, his teachers, doctors, and the other important people in his life. Find out what to discuss here.

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Talk with Your Family...and Yourself

Talk with your family

Have conversations with everyone in your family. Such talks can, of course, occur at any point, but the start of the school year is a good time to review certain understandings. ADHD affects the family dynamics. Your child has ADHD, but you, your spouse or one of your relatives may also have it. Share your experiences with each other. Have your child describe what his symptoms of ADHD feel like. Ask him to tell everyone what kind of support is helpful. Have family members talk about what their challenges are and what support they need. If everyone puts their heads together, positive things develop.

Talk with yourself

Alone, or with your spouse, review what you've learned about your child with ADHD in the last year. What helped him toward success in the previous grade? What made success difficult? As your child grows, your knowledge of him grows. Maybe an old idea needs revision. Keep a current, holistic, and detailed impression of your child in mind as you move forward. Know that you may face some new challenges this year, but empower yourself as the expert on your child and trust that you'll make the right decisions.

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