ADHD Back-to-School Prep: 10 Talks to Have for a Great School Year

Set the tone for a successful school year for your ADHD student by having conversations with your child, his teachers, doctors, and the other important people in his life. Find out what to discuss here.

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Check in with the Doctor

Talk with your child's doctor

If your child is taking ADHD medication, or if you are considering a trial of ADHD medicine, have a conversation with the prescribing doctor in late summer to make a plan for the beginning of school. If this is the first time your child will be taking medication, you may want to start giving him the medicine soon after this appointment, so you'll be able to fine-tune the medicine's dose and timing before classes begin. If your child has taken medication before, he can resume shortly before school starts.

Have a second conversation with the doctor

After a few weeks of school, you should have another conversation with your child's psychiatrist or prescribing doctor. In this conversation, perhaps held over the phone, you and the doctor can review the information you get from your child, his teacher, and your own observations to decide whether the current course of ADHD medication is right.

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