ADHD Back-to-School Prep: 10 Talks to Have for a Great School Year

Set the tone for a successful school year for your ADHD student by having conversations with your child, his teachers, doctors, and the other important people in his life. Find out what to discuss here.

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Check in with the Teacher

Talk with the teacher

Have a conversation with your child's teacher during the first week of school. Without coming off as pushy, clarify the specifics of your child's situation. Make sure she knows about your child's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or 504 Plan, if there's one in place. Any mandated services or accommodations should begin immediately, and the classroom teacher is the one who can make sure that happens.

If you don't already have an IEP, set up a time to discuss one with the teacher and school representatives. Writing an IEP together at the beginning of the year will help set the tone and goals for your ADHD child's education.

Have a second conversation with the teacher

About a month into the school year, ask for a second meeting (if the teacher hasn't called for one sooner). Don't wait until parent-teacher conferences to get her take on how things are going. The earlier you are aware of the teacher's perspective, the sooner you and your child with ADHD can avoid scenarios that interfere with learning. Keep parent-teacher communications. Many teachers prefer e-mail as a way to share information.

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