12+ Tricks to Help ADHD Kids with Reading, Writing & Math

ADHD students often struggle with reading, writing, and math due to their inability to control attention and focus. Try these learning strategies with your attention deficit child to help him gain key language and arithmetic skills.

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-- Play math games. Here's an example, for practicing multiplying 9s: Lay your hands flat on the table, palms down, and label each finger 1 to 10, from left to right. For 5 x 9, curl your number 5 finger down. The numbers before this break will be tens, those after will be the ones. With four fingers on the left side of the break and five on the right, you have 45. 5 x 9 = 45.

-- Be manipulative. Use blocks, tiles, even playing cards, to work out computations physically.

-- Draw a picture. For example, if the problem is to divide 48 cookies among 12 students, draw a plate for each student and divide the cookies among the plates. Seeing the problem visually helps kids who struggle to learn math in traditional ways.

-- See the sign. Have your child highlight the operational sign (+, -, x, ÷) for each problem before working the calculations. This will help your child remember the type of computation the student should be doing.

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