12+ Tricks to Help ADHD Kids with Reading, Writing & Math

ADHD students often struggle with reading, writing, and math due to their inability to control attention and focus. Try these learning strategies with your attention deficit child to help him gain key language and arithmetic skills.

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-- Chart it. Have your child verbalize what he plans to write, then make a flow chart or mind map of it. Suggest that he write the main topic in a circle in the center of a piece of paper, then write subtopics in other circles and connect them to the main circle with spokes. This will enable him to articulate ideas and link them appropriately, regardless of the order in which he thinks of them.

-- Use a story organizer. Organizers work for both reading and writing. Your child should make a list on a piece of paper that includes the following: characters, setting (time and place), the problem, the goal, the action, and the solution. Ask him to then fill in the details under each heading to organize his thoughts.

-- Draw it. Use diagrams or drawings to plot and tell a story.

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