12+ Tricks to Help ADHD Kids with Reading, Writing & Math

ADHD students often struggle with reading, writing, and math due to their inability to control attention and focus. Try these learning strategies with your attention deficit child to help him gain key language and arithmetic skills.

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-- Follow with a finger. Encourage your child to read with a "guide finger"—his index finger that underlines words as he reads them. This can be a helpful reading strategy if he regularly loses his place, skips lines, and omits or repeats words.

-- Stick 'em up. Have your child mark important passages with sticky notes, so she can find them later. Use a symbol for each topic, for example, a smiley face for information about a character, a house for setting, a star for important ideas, etc.

-- Pace read-alouds. Suggest that your child take a short breath at each comma and a regular breath at the end of each sentence. This will improve his reading pace—and comprehension.

-- Find the five W's. Focus on who, what, when, where, why, and how when reading. Help your child track them with a chart.

-- See it. Help your child visualize a story by seeing it as a movie in her mind. As she reads, the movie should change. This will help her remember characters, facts, and concepts.

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