Turning It In Should Be the Easy Part of Homework, Right?

Even when they complete their homework, students with ADHD don't always remember to turn in assignments on time — or at all. Help your kid get credit for all her hard work by setting up these fool-proof organization systems at school and home.

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Solutions in the Classroom

Children with ADHD need a high degree of supervision and structure in the classroom. A monitoring system that provides students with cues and reminders can help.

-- Provide copies of assignments. Give students written copies of homework assignments whenever possible. This will ensure they have the complete assignment.

-- Have parents sign off. Create a homework assignment sheet that must be initialed by both the parent and teacher for oversight and support.

-- Break up big assignments. For long-term assignments, plan to track the child's progress at different points in the process rather than only at the end.

-- Create a homework folder. Designate a folder that your child keeps in his binder to help him remember to bring finished homework back to school. Use it as a receptacle for all assignments once they are finished.

-- Give feedback. Correct and return the child's homework as soon as possible. Corrections should be positive and instructive.

-- Discuss accommodations. Talk to the child and parent about the accommodations and supports they think might help. No one plan is effective for all students.

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