Tuning Out Distractions, Zeroing In on School

Children with ADHD experience a lower level of brain arousal, which means they are easily distracted by internal and external stimuli. Use these school and home strategies — like allowing short breaks between assignments and using distraction blockers — to improve focus and comprehension.

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ADHD Focus Tips - Fall08

Solutions at Home

-- Establish a daily homework routine. Some children need to take a break between school and homework or may need frequent breaks between assignments. Figure out what works best for your child in order to help her avoid distractions and procrastination.

-- Help your ADHD kid "set up" in a distraction-free environment. Sometimes the best learning environment can actually be the kitchen table with music playing in the background. Experiment until you find the ideal learning spot.

-- Get her started. Sit down with your child and make sure he understands what is required for each assignment.

-- Supervise as needed. Most ADHD children need significant adult supervision to keep on task. As situations improve and the child matures, you can move away from constant supervision to frequent check-ins to make sure your child is on task.

-- Allow short breaks between assignments. Have your child stretch or have a snack once one assignment is complete. This can help make his workload seem more manageable.

-- Break down large assignments. Divide big assignments into "bites," each one with a clear goal. If your child feels like a task is manageable, he'll be less likely to become distracted.

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