16+ Life Organization Tips for ADHD Adults

Adults with attention deficit disorder tend to take on so many projects and commitments that they can't keep them all straight. Here, find tips for ADHD adults on how you can get organized and keep your life in order.

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Organization problems in ADHD adults and could point to more than attention deficit disorder - a learning disability may be to blame. © istockphoto.com/turbinado

De-cluttering and organizing your ADHD life is a key step in reaching bigger, better goals. So why do so many adults with attention deficit disorder fail to seek the help we need to get organized with adult ADHD and achieve a simpler, more streamlined life?

Judith Kolberg suggests it's a matter of perfectionism: We're unable to do what it takes to get even a bit more organized because we worry that we won't become perfectly organized. And as Kolberg, author of Conquering Chronic Disorganization, points out, there is no such thing as perfect organization. Life is capricious, and get-it-done strategies that work well today may prove useless tomorrow.

The good news, says Kolberg, is that seemingly small changes can bring big improvements in your life – less clutter, fewer hassles, and greater tranquility.

Read on for easy ways to get your life in order.

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To share strategies for staying organized, visit the ADHD Adults support group on ADDConnect.

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