Perfect Is Pointless: 16 Organization Rules You Can Follow

Counterintuitive as it sounds, many ADHD organization challenges stem from perfectionism — the common, learned belief that things must be done impeccably. It's an impossible standard that leaves many of us with cluttered homes, out-of-control finances, and exhausting schedules. These 16 organization rules can help change the tide.

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Organize For Your Health & Happiness

Keep extra ADHD medication on hand. Each time you fill a prescription, write in your planner the date on which you'll need to refill it (or set your computer to issue an alert or generate an e-mail reminder on that date). Ask your pharmacist if he can call to remind you when it's time to refill. Your "renew date" should be at least one week before the date on which you'll run out of medication.

Build socializing into your schedule. That way, your desires to meet new people, have interesting conversations, and keep up with friends are taken care of automatically. Take a class, join a book club or a lecture series, or start a dinner club.

Join an ADD support group. Support groups provide more than emotional support. For example, the members can get together online when it's time to tackle boring tasks, like filling out tax returns or filing. One at a time, each person leaves the computer, dedicates 15 minutes to the task at hand, then returns to instant messaging - to joke, commiserate, and congratulate one another. Find out more about online and in-person support groups at

Buy experiences, not objects. There's nothing wrong with a little "retail therapy" to reward yourself for your accomplishments. But think twice before buying some new object (which may become just another bit of clutter in your home). Instead, use your money to buy a pleasant experience, such as a massage or a night out with friends.

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To share strategies for staying organized, visit the ADHD Adults support group on ADDConnect.

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