The Secret Weapon for Better Classroom Behavior

Kids with ADHD don't tolerate ambiguity. They need clear expectations, plus consistent rewards and consequences to keep them moving in the right direction. This is exactly what a Daily Report Card provides, when used correctly at school and at home. Learn how here.

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Sample Rewards

Daily rewards:
-- Dessert after dinner
-- Computer games for 15 minutes
-- Staying up 30 minutes later

Weekly rewards:
-- Renting a video
-- Special activity with mom or dad
-- Day off from chores

School-based rewards:
-- Care for class animals
-- Bring message to office
-- Take positive note home

Adapted with permission from materials developed at the Center for Children and Families, University at Buffalo, State University of New York. To learn more about the DRC, go to the Center for Children and Families' site (browse under "Treatment Materials") or download the DRC Packet.

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