Using a Daily Report Card to Improve ADHD School Behavior

Using a daily report card can help steer ADHD students toward continued academic success. Find out how to set goals, determine rewards, and make a report card system work for your child or student with attention deficit disorder.

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Step 3: Tweak the Targets

As your child responds to the program, he should be able to meet behavior targets more consistently. When that happens, raise the bar. Instead of requiring him to follow class rules with three or fewer violations, for example, make it two or fewer violations.

Eventually, the behavior will become second nature to him, and it can be dropped from the DRC. If he regularly fails to meet a goal, you'll need to make the criterion easier.

Be generous with your praise for good days and good efforts, and offer encouragement when targets are missed. And, since ADDers are known for losing things, help your child find a way to remember to bring the DRC home. A large note posted inside her locker might do the trick.

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