Simplify Your ADHD Life by Learning to Say "No"

No matter the request, adults with attention deficit have a hard time turning down others. Here, find out how ADHD adults can prevent over scheduling and exhaustion by learning how to nicely say "no."

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Prioritize and Practice Saying No

1. Take time in making a decision. Impulsivity and hyperactivity make two seconds seem like forever. Take a deep breath, pause, and respond: "I'd like to think about the offer and call you back." Sleep on it if you need to.

2. List your priorities—in order of importance. For many of us, everything seems important, and prioritizing can be as painful as trying to pay attention to a boring lecture. For Christina, though, it was easy. She loves her mother and values their relationship above all else. Putting this at the top of her list made things at the bottom easier to decline.

3. Practice saying no to the easy stuff. A good start would be telling telephone solicitors that you don't want to be called anymore. Work your way up to saying no—civilly, of course—to your husband or to your boss.

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