20 Classroom Accommodations That Target Common ADHD Challenges

The best IEP is the one with accommodations designed for your child's very specific symptoms. Here are some of our favorite solutions for addressing common ADHD challenges at school.

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ADHD children often benefit from special academic accommodations established by teachers and parents who spend thoughtful time pinpointing problematic ADHD symptoms, and then devising classroom accommodations that help solve those problems.

Following is a list of common challenges faced by ADHD students, and the accommodations that can help bring success at school.

Classroom Setup

If your child: Is easily distracted by classroom activity or by activity visible through door or windows

Try: Seating the student front and center, away from distractions

If your child: Acts out in class to gain negative attention

Try: Seating the student near a good role model
If your child: Is unaware of personal space; reaches across desks to talk to or touch other students

Try: Increasing distance between desks


If your child: Is unable to complete work within given time

Try: Allowing extra time to complete assigned work

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If your child: Does well at the beginning of an assignment but quality of work decreases toward the end

Try: Breaking long assignments into smaller parts; shorten assignments or work periods

If your child: Has difficulty following instructions

Try: Pairing written instructions with oral instructions


If your child: Is unable to keep up during classroom discussions and/or note taking

Try: Providing peer assistance in note taking and ask student questions to encourage participation in discussions

If your child: Complains that lessons are "boring"

Try: Seeking to involve student in lesson presentation

If your child: Is easily distracted

Try: Cuing your student to stay on task with a private signal

If your child: Turns in work with careless mistakes

Try: Scheduling five-minute period to check over work before turning in homework or tests


Your Legal Rights at School
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