20 Classroom Accommodations That Target Common ADHD Challenges

The best IEP is the one with accommodations designed for your child's very specific symptoms. Here are some of our favorite solutions for addressing common ADHD challenges at school.

Classroom and School Accommodations Part 2


If your child: Is constantly engaging in attention-getting behavior

Try: Ignoring minor inappropriate behavior

If your child: Fails to "see the point" of a lesson or activity

Try: Increasing immediacy of rewards and consequences
If your child: Blurts out answers or interrupts others

Try: Acknowledging correct answers only when hand is raised and student is called upon

If your child: Needs reinforcement

Try: Sending daily/weekly progress reports home

If your child: Needs long-term help with improving behavior

Try: Setting up behavior contract


If your child: Can't keep track of papers

Try: Recommending binders with dividers and folders

If your child: Has trouble remembering homework assignments

Try: Providing student with assignment book; supervise writing down of assignments

If your child: Loses books

Try: Allowing the student to keep set of books at home
If your child: Is restlessness and needs to move around

Try: Allowing the student to run errands or to stand at times while working

If your child: Has difficulty focusing for long periods of time

Try: Providing short breaks between assignments


If your child: Is unclear as to appropriate social behaviors

Try: Setting up social-behavior goals with student and implement a reward program
If your child: Does not work well with others

Try: Encouraging cooperative learning tasks
If your child: Is not respected by peers

Try: Assigning special responsibilities to the student in presence of peer group

If your child: Has low self-confidence

Try: Complimenting positive behavior and work; give student opportunity to act in leadership role

If your child: Appears lonely or withdrawn

Try: Encouraging social interactions with classmates; plan teacher-directed group activities
If your child: Is easily frustrated

Try: Acknowledging appropriate behavior and good work frequently

If your child: Is easily angered

Try: Encouraging the student to walk away from angering situations; spend time talking to student

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