How ADHD (Inattentive Type) Looks A Lot Like Learning Disabilities

Problems with organization, focus, and time management often point to inattentive-type ADHD. But learning disabilities can be easily overlooked. Here's how to tell what's behind the symptoms.

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When Medication Doesn't Work

Sometimes difficulties with inattention significantly improve when an ADHD stimulant is used.

Often, though, medication does not fully address these organization and time-management problems, and additional help is needed: special-education tutoring for the child or, for an adult, working with an ADHD coach who specializes in organization.

These difficulties with organization and time planning may be due to ADHD — or they may result from Learning Disabilities (LD). Sometimes those difficulties are due to both ADHD and LD.

It is important for the parent of a child with inattention, as well as for an adult who is experiencing the same problem, to understand the potential causes and how they dictate the most effective treatment.

Parents must understand the ways that symptoms of inattentive ADHD may impact their child. For instance, organization and time-planning problems might also cause academic difficulties — in retaining what is read and organizing one's thoughts to write a paper.

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