Ace Every Exam: ADHD Study Tips for Math, Essay, and Multiple-Choice Tests

ADHD students dread the pressure and information overload of final exams. Use these specific tips to prepare wisely for and ace all of your multiple-choice, math, and essay tests at school.

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Study tips for students with attention deficit disorder (ADHD)

I remember a quiz I took in high school. I had studied hard, but as I read the first question, my brain shut down. I couldn’t remember any answers or solve any problems. Fear paralyzed me.

Does your ADHD student ever have brain-lock? If so, there are ways to keep the brain working in the exam room despite the sometimes-paralyzing symptoms of attention deficit disorder.

Before taking a test, follow these general tips to maximize your success:

  • To relax your mind, visualize yourself sitting down, answering the questions, and getting a good grade
  • Figure out the average time you’ll have to answer each question (if there are 10 questions and the test is 30 minutes long, you have at least three minutes for each question)
  • Bring a timer and be sure to use it to stay on task.

Now here are pointers to help you excel on every type of test:

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