Test-Taking Strategies for Every Exam Type

Students with ADHD tend to crumble under the pressure and information overload of bigs exams. Use these specific tips to prepare wisely for and ace all of your multiple-choice, math, and essay tests at school.

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Math and Calculation Tips

Write down all formulas. You might want to jot down a practice problem you’ve done at home to give yourself a key to solving tough math problems.

Copy down each problem on scrap paper. Write out the problem slowly, number the steps, and double-check what you’ve written. Remember this adage: Go slow to go fast. Though our brains are hyper-fast, slow is the way to accuracy and great grades.

Write big and bold. This will allow you to see a mistake, keep from confusing numbers, letters, or signs, and give your brain room to think. Careless errors often creep in because you don’t give yourself enough space to see and solve the problem. Star and/or dash difficult questions. This way, you’ll know to review them after running through the test. We often transpose numbers; reviewing the test allows you to correct mistakes.

Then: Essay Tips


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