Parenting ADHD Children: Advice from Moms Like You

Moms' advice for parenting ADHD children, creating an ADD-friendly household, and smoothing out daily rough spots with discipline and behavior.

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Time to Cool Off

Sometimes, all the planning and good intentions in the world aren’t enough to rein in a rambunctious child. The good plan that goes awry will test a parent’s patience — to the point of “losing it” herself.

“When your child is having a tantrum, the worst thing you can do is yell and threaten,” says Sari W., of Hermosa Beach, California, mother of seven-year-old Jacob. “Giving your child extra attention at this time just adds fuel to the fire. Kids don’t care whether the attention is positive or negative.”

If you lose your temper, don’t shout at your child. Instead, tell him that the conversation will continue only after he calms down. “Once you regain your composure,” Sari says, “don’t hold on to your bad mood. Move on.”

This article comes from the October/November 2006 issue of ADDitude.

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