When Your ADHD Husband Acts More Like Your Child

When a wife has to "mother" her husband or when one spouse feels ignored and unloved, the impact of ADHD on marrriage cannot be overstated. But love is not lost! Rebuild trust in your marriage with these tips.

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Happy Wife-Happy Hubby

No. 1: Talk It Up — Together

Start with an honest discussion, not a finger-pointing diatribe. It should be directed at fixing the problems that are damaging your relationship, not about “fixing” the other person. Make sure that your partner agrees with the idea of improving the marriage. He might think everything is just fine.

No. 2: Timing is important.
Don’t talk about this when either of you is pressed for time, after an argument, or when you are ready to pull your hair out ... or your spouse’s. Choose a safe, neutral location, a venue away from home. Sometimes, just taking a walk opens up communication.

No. 3: Be clear about the things that aren’t working for you.
Pick one or two areas to focus on. Avoid accusation and don’t be defensive. Tell your partner how his words and actions (or inaction) make you feel, but try to see things from his perspective. Listen more than you speak. If you think you’ll have trouble finding the right words, practice out loud beforehand.

No. 4: Have your ADHD partner explain how ADHD affects him.
He should realize that ADHD symptoms explain his behavior, but they do not excuse it. Don’t harp on past failures or disappointments. The fact that things haven’t worked doesn’t mean they can’t change.

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