The Weight of ADHD On Your Marriage

If raising a child with ADHD can strain even the sturdiest marriage, imagine what it does to the rest of us. Follow these seven steps to save your relationship when parenting problems threaten to split it apart.

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Readers Respond

Readers tell us what has held their marriage together through the tough times.

"We schedule regular date nights, when we get someone to watch the children. We find that the more we talk, the more united we are in raising our boys." -Elsie and Joe McHale Doylestown, Pennsylvania

"Get educated about ADHD together. When one spouse has more information than the other, you can't create a parenting partnership. You have to be on the same page." -An Additude reader

"Applaud loudly when your spouse handles situations appropriately, and back her up when she doesn't." -David L. Burkebile, M.D. Port Townsend, Washington

"Go out without the children. I promise it will be OK. The house won't burn down. Your children will appreciate it when you come back, refreshed and ready to tackle the next crisis." -A.J. Benett North Carolina

"It helps if at least one of the parents has ADHD, too. Sounds crazy (and, yes, we live in a crazy house), but I see what my daughter is up against. I know what she's going through, because I was the same way growing up." -Barbara and Jim Rybacki Easton, Maryland

"Humor. Sometimes a good laugh can change everything." -Robin Singer Englewood, Colorado

"Working with our son's counselor has helped us so much. She gives us tools and advice for managing his symptoms and making it work as a family. Guidance from a 'third person' is priceless!" -Julie and Scott Evans Bay Village, Ohio

"Each of us just seems to know when the other has had enough (one of us usually blows up), and it's time for the other to take over." -Stephanie Pittsburgh

"We promised each other that the children would never come before us, nor would we let them get between us. It hasn't been easy, but our love has grown over the years. Remember why you married your spouse." -An ADDitude reader

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