4 Tips to Purge the Purse

Tired of digging for misplaced keys or the cell phone? For women with ADHD, the key to having an organized purse -- and a simpler life -- is in the bag.

ADHD women need a purse that helps with organization and lost keys. © istockphoto.com/philsigin


How to Keep It Clean

Don't let your de-cluttering go to waste. Take time at the end of the day for a daily dig. Here's how it works:

While recycling or trashing junk mail when you arrive home at the end of the day, take 30 seconds to remove and recycle the receipts, gum wrappers, and used tissues that have collected in your purse during the day.


If your purse has become a chaotic carryall — a dark pit where things go to get lost — I share your plight. So do about a million other attention-deficit adults who lack the organization skills needed to get the job done.

The right-sized shoulder bag can bring order to your life. Consider these four ADHD-friendly tips when shopping for a new bag:

1. Don’t go too small.
Many women mistakenly think, “If I don’t have much room, I can’t carry too much around with me.” Good thinking, up to a point. If you don’t have room for all of your essentials, some items will wind up in your pants pocket — and you’ll lose them.

2. Don’t go too large.
Too many items (old trick-or-treat candy or broken glasses) in a large bag make it tough to find essentials.

3. Don’t go with too many pockets.
I made this mistake once. “Just look at those pockets!” I thought. “I can use one for my cell phone, one for keys....” The problem? I didn’t know which items were in which pockets, and I had to hunt for what I was looking for.

4. Go with one that is “just right.”
Look for a purse with a cell phone pocket and a handy place to store or attach your keys. It should comfortably accommodate your wallet, make-up bag, and one or two other essential items. That’s it. A shoulder strap is good, to free your hands for important things, like steering your child through the toy aisle.

This article comes from the Summer 2009 issue of ADDitude.

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