Play Therapy Techniques and Games to Try at Home

Many children best express and challenge themselves through play. Using games and activities to encourage growth is the cornerstone of play therapy. Learn how you can teach valuable life skills to children of all ages with these recommended toys and games.

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Adapting Games for ADHD Children

Many popular games can be adapted for kids with ADHD, with rules multiplying and challenges increasing gradually over time. This approach enables ADHD kids to master challenges in increments, building gradually their capacity to stay with the game, follow complicated rules, and handle frustration and disappointment.

For example, you can break down Milton Bradley's Let’s Go Fishing game into steps: -- First, encourage your child to just learn how to catch the fish. -- Once this step is mastered, race to see who can throw out his fishing pole first. -- Next, add on a cognitive challenge, like who can get four red eights first. -- Finally, change the game to something more interactive by allowing players to ask each other for cards they might need to complete a set.

The point is that the game grows with and also fosters the child's ability to maintain more detail.

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