9 Constructive Fidgets That Promote Focus

Children and adults with ADHD can actually improve focus by multi-tasking — if they do it right! Developing a set of secondary "fidget" activities may be the key to improved attention. Learn how to make fidgeting work for you!

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Chew Gum

This helps your child when he has to concentrate for an extended period—doing homework or taking a test. Chewing gum in the office is effective when writing a memo or having to slog through a week’s worth of e-mail. If gum is not an option, sucking on a lemon drop or other hard candy will also do the trick.

Attention-Boosting Games

Many classic children's games, including Simon Says and musical chairs, require attention and good listening skills—play them for practice.

You can also try Champion Distractor, a game where one player focuses on completing a task, while the other does everything possible to distract him. Then, the players switch roles. To win the game, a player needs to be a good Distractor, and also must be able to avoid being distracted by others.

Beat the Clock: Set a timer for 20 minutes, and race to get as much done as possible before the alarm goes off. An adult can use this approach to accomplish any dull household chore—doing dishes, paying bills, or picking up around the house. Your child can race the clock when doing worksheets, memorizing vocabulary, or cleaning up his room.

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