Treat ADHD Symptoms Through Brain Training

Learn how to treat ADHD symptoms with neurofeedback, working memory training, and meditation -- alternatives to ADD medication for children and adults.

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Benefits and Considerations of Meditation

Things to keep in mind:
-- It's the nature of the mind to be distracted. Mindful awareness isn’t about staying with the breath, but about returning to the breath. That's what enhances your ability to focus. And this emphasis on re-shifting your attention, of outwitting the mind's natural tendency to wander, is what makes experts think this technique could be especially helpful to ADHD children and adults.
-- With a long history but little scientific data on its effects, more research is still needed to confirm these early findings.

-- Some studies show promising results with significant improvements in both inattention and hyperactivity for ADD and ADHD adults.
-- In cognitive tests, the participants got better at staying focused, even when different things were competing for their attention. Many of them also felt less anxious and depressed by the end of study.

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