ADHD Accommodations for Students: How to Request Accommodations From Teachers

Need help securing accommodations for your ADHD student? Form a partnership with your child’s teacher! If you work as a team, you’re more likely to get the help your attention deficit child needs to perform well in school.

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Foster Open, Positive Communication

Keeping communication open makes sure that vital information is shared. Send notes back and forth in your child's backpack, or keep a journal with daily updates from you, your son, and the teacher. This way, you will all be aware of how things are going, and will be able to prevent small problems from turning into big ones.

Be specific to get results

When discussing your concerns with the teacher, give her specific information. If your child has trouble finishing his homework, for example, time him and let the teacher know how long the assignment took. This information will help the teacher get a sense of what she can do to help solve the problem. In many cases, minor accommodations can solve major problems.

Keep the relationship positive

If you come across as rude or impatient to the teacher, she and other school officials may be slow to provide the accommodations you request — if they grant them at all. In some cases, officials withhold accommodations to "punish" parents they deem "difficult."

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