Important Connections for ADHD Children

11 connections that every parent should encourage to help their ADHD child grow up happy, healthy, and self-confident.

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How to Show Love Through Words

Expressing love can take many forms. Here are six examples that will strengthen your child’s spirit and unwrap his gifts. Adapt them to your child, and look for opportunities to praise your child.

“Sarah, you are so kind. When I was tearing up at Grammy’s funeral and you handed me a couple of Kleenex, that was so nice.”

“Tommy, you have a real knack for puzzles. I don’t know how you put one together so fast.”

“Holly, you see colors better than anyone I know. All I saw was green, but you saw a hundred shades of green.”

“Tucker, you never give up. It’s amazing how you just keep at it, whatever it is.”

“Lucy, you notice everything. Nothing escapes your eye.”

“Jack, you are a master builder. What you did with that sand castle is just amazing.”

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