Bedtime Rituals to Calm Racing Minds and Fall Asleep Faster

That evening glass of wine isn't easing you into sleep; it's contributing to your restless nights. Learn what to drink and eat instead, and finally get the sleep you need.

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Many adults and children with attention deficit disorder struggle to fall asleep and stay there. Sleep can be easily disturbed by mental and physical restlessness, which in turn can impact a person's ADHD treatment.

Use these ADHD-friendly sleep tips to get a better night's rest every night.


Do: Drink warm milk. Milk contains tryptophan—the same natural sedative that's found in turkey—and it could do the trick for even the busiest ADHD mind.

Don’t: Drink alcohol. Digesting alcohol can affect your ability to stay asleep, and may result in frequent waking. Alcohol is a diuretic, and will also cause frequent bathroom visits during the night.

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