Acing the Job Interview: Career Advice for ADD Adults

Worried your ADHD symptoms will interfere with your next job interview? Our step-by-step guide will help you focus your preparation, plan answers to common interview questions, and feel confident in your success.

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Career Success

Besides mapping your route to the interview location and ironing your best suit, what should adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) do to ensure that a job interview goes well? Here’s a step-by-step guide for before, during and after the interview that will have you opening new doors on your way to ADHD career success!


Research the company. Corporate Web sites provide a wealth of information. Also, look at competitors' sites and talk to people familiar with the industry. Look for press coverage of the company in Google News, but be careful not to let your ADHD brain get distracted online.

Set goals for the interview. Make a list of your accomplishments and abilities so they will be top of mind and you can weave them into your replies. Be subtle, but clear that your skills can translate into benefits for the hiring organization.

Prepare for problems. If you foresee problems stemming from your spotty work history or training -- or lack there of -- prepare for questions that bring up these issues. Be confident and comfortable with your reasons for leaving prior jobs or gaps in your industry knowledge.

Expect common questions. "Tell me about yourself." "What are your best and worst traits?" and "What did you like best -- and least -- about your last job?" are all common interview questions. Be ready for them with well thought out answers.

Role play. Know your ADD interviewing weaknesses such as avoiding eye contact or rambling. Keep these issues in mind while you practice your answers out loud, looking into a mirror, or with a partner. This way, you'll be more confident with the tone and content of your replies in the real interview.

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