Acing the Job Interview: Career Advice for ADD Adults

Worried your ADHD symptoms will interfere with your next job interview? Our step-by-step guide will help you focus your preparation, plan answers to common interview questions, and feel confident in your success.

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During the Interview: The Basics

Be early. Attention-deficit adults can have poor time management skills, so build in some extra time and even plan to arrive early. This way, you're less likely to be late and will have time to collect yourself before the interview.

Be positive. While everyone benefits from a positive outlook, ADD adults need to be especially conscious of putting an end to negative thoughts. This can be done through positive self-talk meditation or visualization prior to sitting down in the meeting.

Remember to make a great first impression by not knocking your former employer, co-workers, or responsibilities. You don't want the interviewer wondering how you'll bad mouth her company in the future.

Interview with the right attitude. Show interest and enthusiasm, even if you're not sure the job is right for you. You'll want to project the ability to lead others and work independently, demonstrate communication skills, and show how you can fit in with co-workers.

Listen. Many ADD adults can have trouble listening to what the interviewer says because they’re busy concentrating on what to say next. Watch for the interviewer's social cues including her body language and facial expressions -- valuable cues for how you're doing.

Watch your nonverbal cues. Adults with ADHD aren't always mindful of their own social skills. Remember to make and keep eye contact, walk and sit with a confident air, lean toward an interviewer to show interest and enthusiasm and speak with a well-modulated voice.

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