Inside Your Teen's ADHD Mind

“Adolescent boys with ADHD are their own worst enemies because they refuse to ask for help." How to help your son recognize his strengths, take responsibility, and succeed in high school.

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4. Let him make his own decisions

Riera advises parents to let their teenage sons make their own decisions, in and outside of school.

“From elementary school on, academic activities are selected and packaged for kids, and schools push students, to the detriment of their social lives,” he says. “When kids go to college, they may be ahead academically, but probably haven’t developed themselves socially and morally.”

Riera suggests that “parents give kids the opportunity to test their decision-making by allowing them to make bad decisions.” He believes that making mistakes gives ADD boys some advantages over their non-ADD counterparts when they enter college.

Riera tells kids with learning differences and ADD, “The good news is that, when you graduate from high school, you are going to know how to work through struggle. To me, that is the core of success.”

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