Why the Stoplight System Works

Many teachers swear by this system for managing the classroom behavior of children with ADHD who need clear expectations, visual reminders, and positive incentives.

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Step 3: Enforce the Rules

If a student breaks a class rule or doesn't do a chore at home, the clothespin bearing his name is moved from the green light to the yellow light. He loses three bottle caps and is denied a classroom or extracurricular privilege.

A second infraction takes his clothespin to the red light, and costs five bottle caps and two privileges. If there's a third infraction, he owes 10 bottle caps, forfeits all privileges for the day. If the infraction happens at school, the teacher calls his parents.

TIP To build leeway into the stoplight system, a teacher or parent should warn a child with attention deficit disorder before moving his clothespin. If a child’s behavior improves allow him to move back to green from yellow. That way, a child gets to make a fresh start from the green light.

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