5 Safety Rules for Using ADHD Medications

Deciding to treat ADHD symptoms with medication is not a cop out or a quick fix. Determining the right dosage of the right prescription is hard work. Follow these rules for dialing in the best treatment possible with the fewest side effects.

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Rule 5: Eat Right

Consider a child’s diet and medications.

Children who eat a typical ADHD Diet may not be getting all the benefits of medication. If your child is taking Adderall XR, Metadate CD, or Ritalin LA, for instance, a high-fat breakfast can compromise its effectiveness, delaying the drug’s absorption. Drinks rich in ascorbic acid/vitamin C or citric acid (orange, grapefruit, and other drinks supplemented with vitamin C) may interfere with the absorption of Ritalin. Citric acid breaks down the medication before it has a chance to be absorbed by the body.

Did You Know: Cold/sinus/hay fever medications that contain decongestants (antihistamines without decongestants are okay) may cause a child on medication to experience a mildly unpleasant “buzz.” Over-the-counter or prescription weight-control medications, steroids, and asthma medications containing albuterol or theophylline can have the same effect.

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