5 Safety Rules for Using ADHD Medications

Deciding to treat ADHD symptoms with medication is not a cop out or a quick fix. Determining the right dosage of the right prescription is hard work. Follow these rules for dialing in the best treatment possible with the fewest side effects.

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Rule 1: Monitor the Meds

Find a doctor who will closely monitor your child's medication.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that parents of ADHD children start with a general pediatrician to treat their attention deficit disorder. If your child has a comorbid condition, such as depression or ADHD learning disabilities, or if she doesn't respond to initial drug therapy, a parent should consider seeking specialized care. A developmental pediatrician, child neurologist, or child psychiatrist can offer a deeper working knowledge of the newest medications and more experience with drug therapy, as well as the time available to work with your child.

A doctor should be willing to see your child at least every two to four weeks during the first couple of months. He should ask the following questions:

How the meds are working?
Are there any troubling side effects?
Are the meds affecting the child’s height or weight?

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