4 Ways to Stop Nagging and Start Disciplining Your ADHD Child

Tired of nagging and yelling at your ADHD child? Try these better approaches for promoting better behavior.

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A parent struggles to control her children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADDitude Magazine

Like all kids, children with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) sometimes make bad choices regarding their own behavior. Parenting ADHD children can challenge a mom or dad's patience and good judgment — to the point that parents make bad decisions disciplining misbehavior. Instead of using firm, compassionate approaches, they move into the ignore-nag-yell-punish cycle.

Take an honest look at how you respond to your child's ADHD behavior and misbehavior. What specific situations are likely to cause you to go down the wrong path? How far down the path do you typically proceed? How often?

Now that you are aware of your discipline strategies, use the following do-and-don’t tips to improve them and achieve better results managing your ADHD child.

Tip #1: Interrupt... Don't Ignore

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