ADHD-Friendly Ways to Save Money and Live Better

14 easy ways for adults with ADHD to cut expenses, save cash, and breathe easier.

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Finally, Start Saving

Put money away while paying off the balance on your zero-percent or low-interest rate credit card. Figure out how much you’re saving from using this credit card, refinancing big-ticket bills, and sticking to a budget.

Designate this amount for savings. Have your bank deposit that amount each week (studies show that people are more likely to save if the money is deposited automatically) into two savings accounts:

13. An emergency fund, invested in a money market account.

To find the highest-yielding rates, log on to or You will have to fill out an application online, authorizing the money market company to transfer funds from your bank each month.

14. A retirement fund, invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or cash.

Log on to or to explore mutual-fund options. If you want to invest in individual stocks or bonds, log on to or to set up a brokerage account.

Again, you’ll fill out an application online, and the company will take it from there, making sure that your bank transfers the funds electronically every pay period.

Even easier, if your company has a 401(k) plan, talk with the benefits department about having a portion of each paycheck deposited into the plan. Many employers will match your savings (to a certain percentage).

Remember: Don’t tell yourself that saving just a little won’t make a difference. You’re developing a habit — the longer you save something each month, the more likely you will be to continue doing it. Increase your contributions to these accounts as you pay down your credit card debt and curb your spending habits.

Congratulations! You are, finally, building wealth for your future.

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