How to Plan the Perfect Summer

Strategies for finding the right summer camp for your child with attention deficit disorder (ADHD).

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If Your Child Is Aggressive

Physically aggressive children benefit from a structured program that clearly delineates acceptable and unacceptable behavior. The child knows what is expected of him, and he knows the consequences if he doesn’t comply.

If your child is aggressive, keep these points in mind: Camp counselors should cue a child throughout the day about situations that make him angry or aggressive, says Rosenblatt. For example, a counselor might say: “We are going to play basketball now. If you start to feel angry, wave to me and I will help you.”

This signal can be given in subtle ways — by hand or by a word — that don’t draw attention to the camper. The signal strategy can also work for kids who are verbally aggressive, bullies, or call other children names.

A specialized camp may have checks and balances built into its programs, while a mainstream camp may not. If you send your child to a mainstream camp, suggest ideas to the counselors that will help your child succeed.

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How to Pick an ADHD/LD Camp for Your Child
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