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Eight great ADHD blogs brimming with daily inspiration, insight, and laughs from ADD adults and parents of children with attention deficit.

Laugh off your ADD to better bounce back from adversity.

Unlike books on ADHD, blogs are tailor-made for those with short attention spans.


ADHD Blogs for Adults & Parents of ADD Kids

Find out what it takes and how to get started with your own ADHD blog.

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ADHD and the City
Love. Work. Sanity. Or not.
Heal Thyself
Meds. Music. Meditation. Laughter.
My Picture-Perfect Family
Schedules. School. Discipline. Inspiration.
Will This Be on the Test?
Deadlines. Exams. Coffee. Sleep.

Life with ADHD has its ups and downs. One day it’s smooth sailing, and the next, it’s rough seas.

That’s when you need support or a good laugh to make it through the day. Maybe you need someone who understands what you’re up against, an outlet for venting when you’re frustrated, or strategies from a fellow ADDer who is struggling with the condition.

ADHD blogs offer all that—and more. They bring information, personal stories, and a way to connect with like-minded people. And blogs are tailor-made for those with short attention spans. So adults with ADHD can read entries without feeling overwhelmed, as they might feel slogging through a book.

Tara McGillicuddy, a certified ADHD coach who has the condition, blogs. She turned to the Internet, 11 years ago, when she was diagnosed with ADHD. “There wasn’t much help out there then for adults with ADHD,” says McGillicuddy. She began researching the disorder on the Web, and found a host of blogs aimed at ADDers.

When McGillicuddy launched her own blog (, several years later, she thought people would like her practical coaching tips for local:"managing ADHD symptoms". She was surprised to find that visitors gravitated, instead, to “ADD Moments”—a personal chronicle of her struggles with, and solutions to, ADHD.

“People with ADHD get relief from reading about others dealing with similar or identical problems,” says Terry Matlen, a psychotherapist specializing in adult ADHD, and author of Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD. “This often begins the healing process in the newly diagnosed, because they meet others who share their struggles.”

Matlen, who has ADHD and is the mother of a young adult with the condition, also finds comfort and hope in writing a blog. “Focused Distractions,” which appears on her website,, helps her make sense of her life.

Ari Tuckman, a psychologist specializing in ADHD, agrees that blogs are a good source of strategies, ideas, and resources, but he cautions that they may not help everyone. “Other people’s experiences may be very different from your own, so what worked for them may not work for you,” says Tuckman, author of Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD. “The miraculous success stories may make you feel inferior, and the nightmare stories could scare your pants off. Blogs may also be inaccurate. Keep a healthy skepticism when reading them.” Adds Matlen: “Remember that bloggers are always free to say what they want. Don’t take everything as gospel truth.”

With these caveats in mind, we pored over hundreds of blogs written by people living with ADHD. We came up with a list of the eight most insightful and entertaining ones. Some of them are funny, angry, raw, and honest. All of them offer practical advice from people who have tried it.

Out of Focus

Rants, raves, and idiocies from an A.D.D. perspective
by Kali Karagias

For adults with ADD who believe that laughter is the best medicine, “Out of Focus” is just what the doctor ordered. Kali Karagias delivers laugh-out-loud, irreverent humor. The sample post’s tag says it all: “How to Incorporate Your Love of Tap Dancing into Your Already Overbooked Chaotic Life.” Karagias, an actress, humorist, writer, mom, and woman with ADD, blends videos and photos with the written word in one of the funniest blogs on the Internet.

Start by reading a few of her newest posts for a taste of her sassy style. Then, click the “Attention Deficit Disorder” link under “Categories” to find posts that focus on ADD.

Quick Take
“I throw dishes when I am angry. I used to blame it on being Greek, but I realize it’s a characteristic of my ADD. Other items I have thrown include: Snapple bottles at construction workers after unnecessary catcalls; hot coffee at a random pedestrian for hissing at me; an ashtray full of loose change at a driver sticking out his tongue at me; a garbage bag full of discount eyewear flyers, as I walked into the store that had littered my neighborhood with them. Yes, I had the hyperfocus to pick all of them up.”

More of the Web's Best ADHD Blogs

Kay Marner, a mother of two, works at the public library in Ames, Iowa, and blogs for ADDitude.

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