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Eight great ADHD blogs brimming with daily inspiration, insight, and laughs from ADD adults and parents of children with attention deficit.

Best ADHD Blogs


Life, with ADD, Asperger’s autism, and a dog
by Dyskinesia

This uncluttered, easy-to-navigate site will appeal to women with ADD — with or without coexisting conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD — mothers with ADD, and mothers of kids with special needs, including autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Written by Dyskinesia — or Dys, for short — the author details her struggles to cope with relationships, parenting, work, and daily life. The best entries are snippets of conversations between the writer, who has ADD, and her autistic son:

“Do you want PB&J or pizza for lunch?”

“OK, but don’t make it so that it messes out the stickiness all over and on my fingers stuck to me not in my sandwich messy like I had to clean up last time and all gross…”

“So you’re saying PB&J, but with less jelly than last time?”


“OK, I can do that. Sorry, Mom likes more jelly on hers, so I got a little carried away.”

“Yeah. Dad knows how to make mine, so you just have to try to do it like him.”

“Maybe next time he should try to be in labor with you for 17 hours.”

“Did you say something, Mom?”

“Nope. One PB&J, light on the J, coming up!”

The Splintered Mind

Overcoming AD/HD & depression with lots of humor and attitude
by Douglas Cootey

Douglas Cootey began blogging three years ago, to share his struggles with his own disabilities — he has ADHD, depression, chronic motor tics, and 'rugrat'-itis (he’s the full-time parent in his family). He also wanted to connect with kindred souls. Cootey shares the humorous and serious sides of life with ADHD and comorbid conditions.

In addition to “day in the life” posts, Cootey discusses his attempts to fight off depression with cognitive behavioral therapy, after suffering serious side effects from medication.

Cootey’s intelligence will appeal to men and women, especially those with anxiety and depression, and individuals whose symptoms interfere with succeeding at the job.

Quick Take
“This is my philosophy on medicating ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc.:

1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a fantastic alternative to medication.

2. If you need to medicate, medicate one thing at a time.

3. Be careful! Medication can have lasting side effects.

4. Always remember that pills don’t teach skills.”

So I Married an ADDer

News, advice, and humor for partners of people with Attention Deficit Disorder
by Erin Moore

Erin Moore may be “in the business” working as operations director of ADD Management Group, which offers tips, resources, and coaching for ADDers, but her blog is purely personal.

“I blog to reach out to people like me, people who are in what I call a ‘Bert and Ernie’ relationship, where one partner is very practical and sensible, and the other is more spirited and unpredictable,” says Moore. “I like to offer insight from my own experience — what works, what doesn’t — and share the humor that stems from that kind of dynamic.”

Moore’s blog will appeal to any adult with a friend, relative, or partner with adult ADD.

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