ADHD at Work: Routine Night, Focused Morning

Do you battle ADHD at work? The secret to a stress-free, organized, on-time morning begins with starting your routine the night before.

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How to Build a Routine

A routine requires little planning or working memory. For tasks to become habit, though, they must be practiced regularly for several weeks. Here are the ABCs of creating — and sticking with — a routine:

  • For example, your evening routine might work best if you gather your belongings and prepare lunches before heading back to the bedroom to lay out your clothes and take your shower.
  • Post the steps in your routine in a prominent place — for example, on the refrigerator door or bathroom mirror — where you’ll be reminded of them.
  • If your routine must begin at a specific time, program your watch or a timer to go off five minutes before that time.
  • When you get off track because of illness, travel, houseguests, or another unexpected event, set a specific day for resuming your routine.

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