Stopping an Argument in Its Tracks

Follow this sample dialogue to rein in disobedience in your child with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD).

CHILD: "Can I go out after dinner to play?"

PARENT: "No, dear, you still have homework to do."

CHILD: "I'll do it when I come back in, I promise."

PARENT: "Get your homework done first, and then you can go out. If you work hard, it shouldn't take more than half an hour."

CHILD: "Why can't I just go out now!? I'LL DO MY STUPID HOMEWORK LATER!"

PARENT: "That's 1."

CHILD: "I can't wait to grow up and move away so you can't

PARENT: "That's 2."

CHILD: "All right, all right, all right." (He sits down to start his homework.)

Adapted from 1-2-3 Magic, by Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D. (Parentmagic, Inc.)

This article comes from the April/May 2006 issue of ADDitude.

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