Allowance Do's and Don'ts

A regular allowance can help your kids learn the vital importance of saving. Here's what you need to know.

  • DO give the allowance on the same day of the week, every week.
  • DON'T tell your child how to spend the allowance money. That defeats the purpose: teaching financial decision-making.
  • DO base the amount of the allowance on the realistic spending needs of the child at that age.
  • DON'T pay your child for cleaning her room, completing homework, and so on. Everyday chores should remain separate from an allowance.
  • DO build your child's money confidence by praising good money-handling habits and decisions.
  • DON'T tie the allowance to grades. Most children with ADD feel enough grade pressure as it is.
  • DO provide opportunities for your child to earn extra money by doing jobs around the house.
  • DON'T criticize poor spending decisions. Discuss them with your child, and let him deal with the consequences of his decisions.
  • DO set a good example for your child through your own financial planning and responsible spending decisions.

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