One Sticky Note at a Time, Guys

When the tire guy starts dishing out unsolicited organization tips, you know your to-do lists aren't working. But what seems so obvious to him (and the rest of the non-ADHD world), just makes me more stressed.

An adult with ADHD figuring out priorities and managing a very long to-do list

I am at the tire shop, getting a new tire put on my car. The guy behind the counter says that the tire that needs to be replaced is in really bad shape. He’s right, it is. I have been avoiding driving very far on it and have been using my husband’s car when I need to drive the kids somewhere.

I explained to him that my to-do list is usually so much longer than I am able to handle that it’s hard to get everything done. He said: “You mean you don’t move up the items on the bottom of the list for the next day, so that they get higher priority?”

Sometimes I manage this vision of his, this beautifully linear statement that makes so much sense. Right now, though, I’m failing. I’m carrying around a big reusable grocery bag as a purse. The bag is stuffed with three actual purses that I need to empty. Along with the purses, there’s other stuff in the bag — piles of bills, snacks, my calendar.

Sure, tire guy. Next time, I’ll do that. I’ll put all my sticky notes on one list, cross off what I’ve done, and rewrite the list for the next day. For today, let’s get a new tire on my car, so I can wad up one sticky note and toss it into my giant grocery-purse of baggage.



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