YouClean, YouOrganize, YouTube: 7 Practical How-to Videos

Think YouTube is all funny cat videos and lip-syncing celebrities? Think again — these organization videos contain practical, helpful strategies for clearing the clutter in any ADHD household.

An adult with ADHD watching YouTube videos outlining organization strategies

"I got lost in my closet one day," an ADHD client told me. "I went in there to organize it, and when I came out, an hour later, I had a bed full of 'maybe I’ll keep this' clothing, $3.20 in pennies and dimes, numerous lipsticks, an alarming number of dry-cleaning pickup receipts, and orphan shoes begging to stay, though I will never be able to locate their mates. I still couldn’t put together one outfit without lots of time and effort.”

My solution? Watch a video.

If you’re an adult with ADHD, I encourage you to use videos to get organized. We all learn best using multi-sensory strategies. Videos are verbal, visual, and demonstrative all at once. They are the next best thing to having an expert at your side.

Here are my seven video picks for common organizational challenges. The presenters are clear and concise, the videos are under 10 minutes and free, and the content is engaging. I recommend watching videos with headphones on. You’ll absorb more when the sound is going right into your brain.

Watch the video straight through first, take notes if you need to, then play it again. The sooner you implement the advice, the more effective you’ll be.

1. How To: Clean and Organize Your Room! by Jess and Jenna ( The narrators are twins who take your through their actual (very cluttered) bedroom with humor and music.

2. Home Organization: Organizing the Master Bedroom, by Nikki Simon ( This video has less drama than Jess and Jenna’s, but delivers lots of tools and tips.

3. How to Declutter Your Life, by SuzelleDIY ( Focuses on closets only and encourages giving stuff away or tossing it out.

4. Get Organized: 3 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Closet, by Jill Martin ( Takes on a fancier closet than Suzelle’s (and without her humor) and delivers lots of tips and strategies.

5. Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro, by Barbara Reich ( Great visuals paired with practical advice.

6. How to Organize Bathrooms: Clutter Video Tip, by Lorie Marrero ( Plenty of specifics about storage and labeling of bathroom items.

7. How I Clean and Organize My Bathroom, by StarofParis ( Loads of great storage ideas.


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