Meditation Made Just for Adults with ADHD

If the thought of meditation makes you cringe, try these tips for relaxation and focus specifically designed for adults with ADHD.

An adult with ADHD practicing meditation designed for her specific needs

Meditation has never been for me. Sitting quietly and doing nothing is impossible for this ADHDer. What I’ve learned is that meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting quietly. You can make sounds. You can move in a lot of fun ways.

I like walking meditation, and I like the basic explanation of it — “checking in with your body and breath while moving.” You don’t have to do it for an hour; if a minute is all you can handle, do it for a minute. The nice thing about walking meditation is that, even if you have difficulty focusing, the movement will relax you.

I also like shaking meditation. It’s not a “new age” thing. The Shakers are a Christian denomination that incorporate a shaking dance into their worship. The dancing helps you focus your mind and releases tension in your body.

I sometimes use my own voice as a comforting, meditative tool. When I have intense emotions that feel too big to fit inside of my body, I find a private place and “vocalize.” Sometimes the sound that comes out is odd — just screaming, a low drone, a high-pitched wail. It is a great release.



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