4 Rules For Keeping A Backpack Organized

Keep your backpack orderly with these simple strategies.

An organized backpack, used by an ADHD student following these organization rules

The IDEAL BACKPACK has two large zipper compartments and one small zipper compartment. Look for a backpack with a loop on the inside and a holder for bottles on the outside.

Think about how you want to DIVIDE YOUR BACKPACK, then purchase a backpack with the number of compartments you will need.
> Separate books in one large zipper compartment for morning classes, and use the other large zipper compartment for afternoon classes.
> Alternatively, separate textbooks in one large zipper compartment, and keep the other large zipper compartment for binders and/or subject notebooks.
> The small compartment should hold pens, pencils, and your wallet.

A LONG LANYARD that attaches to a loop inside your backpack is a great place for storing transportation cards, your school ID, and house keys. Make it a habit to place these items on the lanyard. It will save your having to dig through your backpack.

KEEP AN ID CARD with your name, e-mail, and/or school phone number, in case you lose your backpack.

Throwing soda and water bottles inside your backpack puts things at risk of being soaked. Use OUTSIDE POCKETS FOR BOTTLES.

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