Vitamin Power! 8 Best Supplements for ADHD

These 8 vitamins, minerals, and herbs may help boost attention and improve focus — no matter what age you are.

Vitamins and mineral supplements used to treat ADHD on a green leaf

ZINC AND MAGNESIUM: These minerals play an important role in controlling ADHD symptoms. Zinc regulates the neurotransmitter dopamine, and it may make methylphenidate more effective by improving the brain’s response to dopamine. Magnesium is also used to make neurotransmitters involved in attention.

IRON: Iron plays an important role in controlling ADHD symptoms in children. If you suspect low iron levels, be sure to have them measured by your doctor.

INOSITOL AND THEANINE: Inositol is part of the B-vitamin complex and theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. Both have calming properties that can settle an ADHD brain.

PYCNOGENOL: An extract made from French maritime pine bark, this herb may improve concentration.

VALERIAN AND LEMON BALM: In a large European study on hyperactivity and sleep problems, using these herbs together was found to relax children with ADHD.

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